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At SIX ON SIX, we proudly showcase only the finest Vietnamese 100% arabica coffee . Our coffee is sourced from a cooperative of farmers growing heirloom Arabica varieties in fertile volcanic soils near Da Lat.

Our beans are always freshly roasted in small batches to ensure the best flavour and freshness.

We believe in high quality, natural products, without artificial flavouring or chemicals. Our coffee is not roasted with butter or other additives, as commonly practised in Vietnam. So when you’re drinking SIX ON SIX coffee, you know you’re tasting the true, natural flavours of Vietnamese beans in every cup.



What we get up to at SIX ON SIX.

A tribute to handpainted Vietnamese signage

Aug 30th 0

Xong rồi! We put the finishing touches on our wall last night. A typographic mural made in tribute to the … Continue reading “A tribute to handpainted Vietnamese signage”

Cook up!

Aug 30th 3

Pre-Christmas cook up for our monthly staff dinner. All the money from our tip jar goes to our monthly staff … Continue reading “Cook up!”

Coffee tasting afternoon

Aug 30th 0

We had a great time at our first tasting event here at SIX ON SIX, an afternoon showcasing a selection … Continue reading “Coffee tasting afternoon”

Tripadvisor Reviews

Six On Six Cafe

Travelers’ Choice 2017 Winner

  •   This was another good find. We are doing well thanks to the recommendations of our driver. Breakfast was fast and good which was what was need on this long day. Service was very welcoming.

    thumb MarineAir10

      This is a little off the beaten track depending on where you are staying. It is located in the streets back from the beach with the Holiday Beach resort the closest big hotel nearby. It’s worth the effort though. Great looking place serving excellent versions...More

    thumb murrpark
  •   We really loved this cafe! The Vietnamese coffee was delicious! A really cute little doggy and cat roamed around in the courtyard. Staff were super friendly and food and drinks came out quick. It’s tucked away in an alley in a backstreet but the signage...More

    thumb lexiegmh

      Six-on-six is a really nice cafe with a friendly and pleasant environment to spend time or meet friends, a great range of food and drinks, and friendly and interesting owners and staff.

    thumb christophejuan
  •   Nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and asparagus, with a coffee and a smoothie. Would have like the bread toasted a little more, but good nonetheless.

    thumb rockybay2018

      We spent 5 weeks in DaNang and after we found 6 on6 we ate there probably a dozen times. They never disappointed us💞 great selection of coffee as well. The little lady in the middle took care of us several times

    thumb jjohnz
  •   The place is really nice in a quiet alley, which is great when you want to have a relaxing coffee time. A bit overpriced tho and the food might need a few improvements.

    thumb JonelleD87

      What do I look for when I travel? Healthy food that tastes great and a pleasant environment to sit comfortably. I can always count on Sixonsix. This cafe always delivers consistent quality fresh food, and wonderful coffee. Plus for me, the servings are pretty big...More

    thumb MelanieW2698
  •   Yes, the coffee quality is very good. And the food is good as well. But ... 50.000 to 100.000VND for a Coffee, 160.000VND for a simple Avocado-Toast? —> No, definitely overpriced. Sorry to say, but you have to lower your prices.

    thumb hebiworldtravel

      Atmosphere is wonderful but the food is amazing. And the coffee. Exceptional ! Two days in a row we each ordered something different. All made fresh . We will be back for breakfast again tomorrow !

    thumb xin16
  •   Got this place recommended by an Australian friend who’s been living in da nang for a while and ended up going there for lunch almost everyday. Definitely try the burrito and the piccolo!

    thumb JoL2022

      Love this place. We came today for the first time and love this place. The restaurant is in a nice quiet area. The food is excellent. I had Six on Six salad and my friends had BLT. They are all delicious. Definitely gonna come back.

    thumb Phuong H
  •   This place is literally right around from my apartment. Located in an alley, 6/6 is a great place to have a healthy and hearty breakfast. I had the breakfast burrito and it was simply amazing. Decent size, with lots of fillings. Definitely recommended in danang

    thumb lynhdan

      My family loved everything about the place! The food was delicious and the staff was amazing. It was the perfect place for all of our 5 kids to find something they liked. Highly recommended!

    thumb 134nikkic
  •   Consistently good breakfasts and coffee with friendly and attentive staff. Love the avocado and smashed eggs and burrito.

    thumb rockybay2018

      We rode out to Six on Six early afternoon for coffee and ended up with smoothies and a breakfast burrito. We’re planning to return again for breakfast. Highly recommend! 👌

    thumb jamesneal91
  •   Really good food, great service. Nice setting as well, with mellow background music, comfortable seating and tasteful decoration.

    thumb mwmurph12

      Visited this cafe today for breakfast omg it is so good!! Best coffee and the food is 👍👍 Try granola comes with fresh milk seasonal fruits homemade jam and fresh yoghurt. Also the breakfast burrito is delicious. Highly recommend

    thumb kavanagh780
  •   Great breakfast. Highly recommend the breakfast burrito. Good coffee too and a relaxing atmosphere to chill in the morning. Staff are friendly and the prices are good value for money.

    thumb pieandchips9

      Great breakfast. Highly recommend the breakfast burrito. Good coffee too and a relaxing atmosphere to chill in the morning. Staff are friendly and the prices are good value for money.

    thumb rockybay2018

Google Reviews


Sarah Miller-Dorey
Sarah Miller-Dorey
15:51 01 Oct 18
Amazing atmosphere with great coffee and wonderful food. The staff here are very welcoming, often making pleasant conversation and ensuring that the food and drink is up to your standards. I love the earthy feel of this spot, plus the fact that many people bring their dogs here makes it feel like home!
Luke Vowles
Luke Vowles
01:58 04 Dec 18
This place is expensive for Vietnam but the food is good and so it the coffee. it's worth checking out if you're not already sick of the cafe lifestyle. Sometimes it gets frustrating sitting around at coffee shops watching the world go by when there is so much else going on. I feel I just need to go on an adventure or renounce the cafe culture.
Jeremy Namgoong
Jeremy Namgoong
05:01 13 Nov 18
Not bad. Place is really hidden in the allies. Seats are kinda small. A lot of foreigners. Tastes fine
Josh & Rach Hilton
Josh & Rach Hilton
14:37 11 Nov 18
This is my favourite cafe in Danang! Not only is the coffee great and the atmosphere relaxing but the service is just exceptional! If you've never made the time to visit, do it, you will be glad you did!
Stephen G
Stephen G
05:43 28 Oct 18
Delicious breakfast & lunch specialties, nice selection of fresh juices & coffees ..and a beautiful setting in quiet neighborhood, makes this a must Da Nang visit. I've been stopping here 3+ years on every trip to the region.
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