Coffee tasting afternoon – SIX ON SIX Cafe

Coffee tasting afternoon

December 19th, 2016 Posted by Coffee tasting 2 comments

We had a great time at our first tasting event here at SIX ON SIX, an afternoon showcasing a selection of some of Vietnam’s best coffee. We tasted 4 different varieties of Arabica, including HONEY RED; YELLOW BOURBON and TYPICA MOKA from Married Beans in Da Lat.

Thanks to everyone who came along. Hope you all enjoyed the ride thru different Arabica varieties and brewing techniques. We’d love to do another one soon!


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Robin says:

Looks great! Are you planning to do one of those again in January? Looking forward to being back at 6/6 very soon 🙂

sixonsix says:

Hi Robin! Yes we intend to restart these events shortly!

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