Specialty coffee in Danang


We’re thrilled to be part of the wonderful, blossoming specialty coffee industry in Vietnam, helping to introduce a new way of thinking about coffee in this land. We’re based in the central city of Danang.

We employ a range of specialty coffee techniques, including pourover and Aeropress, with single-origin coffees roasted specifically for the purpose. These techniques filter out a lot of the (natural) oils in coffee, resulting clean, tea-like flavors. They’re the perfect way to experience the true taste of a single-origin bean, since they allow the subtlest flavors to shine through.

Our beast of a coffee machine, the Appia II, pumps out some pretty mean espresso. We use it to serve a full menu of espresso based drinks, including favorites like cappuccinos, lattes, long blacks, and the best flat white in town!

We also serve traditional Vietnamese-style coffee—either black or with sweet milk. Our Vietnamese coffee is made with a double-shot of 100% arabica espresso, so it may taste a little different than your garden-variety Vietnamese coffee, which is usually made with robusta and additives.